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Crimped Smoky Grey

Crimped Smoky Grey

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These high quality, luxury crimped hijabs are all the rage rn across major hijab brands globally. We spotted these and decided that we had to make these trendy & unique hijabs for South Africa ofcos!

These are made with the Valenci bestselling luxury chiffon hijab fabric. They are high quality, slightly heavier than our usual chiffon due to the intricate and countless amounts of crimps achieved on this hijab. They have an effortless drape in the most decadent shade range to ensure pure opulence.

  • Fabric: Georgette chiffon crimped
  • Measurement: 200 x 80cm
  • Silhouette: Long Rectangle
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Texture: Crimped rippled feel
  • Suggested styling: Wear it with our Undercap, Maximizer & no snag hijab magnet to achieve that streamlined chic look.

Crown yourself in Valenci & feel like royalty in our luxury chiffon.

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